Around F.C.

Critter Corner: Georgia

413critterAs soon as you open the door, you are greeted by the most welcoming of meows – a meow that says, “do you want to be my friend, and if so can you scratch my back?” Georgia is her name, a name she got from the fictional monkey Curious George, and boy does she embrace her namesake. Born amongst the hustle and bustle of Katmandu, Nepal, Georgia has moved from one adventure to another. She spent a month-long expedition through the streets of Katmandu, she has battled a dog and lived to tell the tale – minus a few teeth – and she has traveled the world. Now she calls Falls Church her home, and for her this little city is her place of retirement. It has been said that Georgia is reincarnated, a cat that truly has nine lives – one life is not enough for her curious and adventurous soul.