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Restaurant Spotlight: 100 Montaditos

412spotlightLike variety? At a new eatery in Rosslyn, you have your pick of 100 unique sandwiches, priced and sized so that you can try many different selections when enjoying a meal here. It’s right in the name: 100 Montaditos.

The Arlington outpost, which opened at the end of March, is one in an international chain specializing in Spanish tapas-style montaditos, sandwiches built on small bread rolls.

At the Rosslyn spot, the Original Montaditos, 20 in all, cost $1.50 apiece. Premium Montaditos, a selection of 60 more sandwiches, are $2.50 apiece. Sandwiches made on square chapata bread, and dessert picks on chocolate bread with sweet fillings, cost $3 apiece.

Orders are placed at the counter. You write your order on a small sheet of paper, for ease of ordering, selecting your sandwiches from a numbered menu detailing the components of each. “Give Me Five” the sheet says, the recommended portion for an order (though four would suffice). Featured on the menu are five “collections” of five sandwiches apiece, which give a survey of the menu based on theme. The Meat Lovers Collection ($7) includes sandwiches with tiny sauce-slathered meatballs and bacon (No. 11); Philly-steak-and-cheese style thin-sliced beef with piquillo pepper and crunchy fried onion (No. 29); chicken with ample garlicky ali-oli (No. 45); barbecued pulled pork and bacon atop melted cream cheese and more ali-oli, with a taste rich enough to make you glad you’re only getting a few bites of it (No. 47); and garlic pork loin and mayonnaise on shredded lettuce and thin-sliced tomato (No. 52). The 100 Montaditos menu also features a selection of meats from Spanish cuisine (such as Serrano ham, dry-cured pork loin, and salchichón, chorizo, and chistorra sausages) and seafood (such as smoked salmon, anchovies, and flaked tuna).

While the majority of the 100 sandwiches are meat-focused, there are still some picks to satisfy vegetarians – especially if they’re big fans of cheese. The five sandwiches in The Veggie Collection ($8) feature four cheeses and cover the three breads used here to make sandwiches. All the breads here are fresh-baked to order and served warm. Most sandwiches here are made on a mild baguette, slightly crusty but mostly chewy. In The Veggie Collection, this standard bread is filled with Tortilla Española, a savory Spanish potato omelet (No. 9), and tangy blue cheese, peppery arugula, fried onion, and honey mustard (No. 35). A few are made with whole-grain bread with a firmer texture and more distinct flavor, a welcome base when topped with big flavors such as herby pesto, combined with mozzarella cheese strips, arugula, and sweet piquillo pepper (No. 37), or brie cheese with arugula, fried onion, and honey mustard (No. 69). Rounding out the trio of savory sandwich bases is the crunchy-crusted chapata bread – in this collection filled with goat cheese, arugula, and piquillo pepper (No. 85).

The other sandwich collections are The Black Label Collection ($12), of all chapata-based sandwiches, The Mediterranean Collection ($9), for seafood lovers, and The Chocolate Collection ($10). The Chocolate Collection includes all of the five dessert sandwiches made here on chocolate bread speckled with melted chocolate drops. Order the final sandwich on the 100-piece tour of Spanish cuisine-inspired eats and you’ll enjoy warm chocolate bread spread with Nutella and sliced almonds, with a side of whipped cream (No. 100).

Appetizers, tapas-style platters, salads, beer, Spanish wines, and sangria round out the menu. Variety is, as the saying goes, the spice of life. Stop by 100 Montaditos if you need some cheap and tasty seasoning.

100 Montaditos is located at 1776 Wilson Blvd., Arlington. For more information, call 703-835-9232 or visit