Letters to the Editor: F.C.’s Predatory Towing is Still Outrageous

Letters to the Editor: May 1 – 7, 2014

 F.C.’s Predatory Towing is Still Outrageous


Although I agree with the points made in the April 17 Falls Church News-Press editorial “The Post’s Pulitzer,” I would have preferred instead a strong editorial (yet again) on the outrageous predatory parking enforcement at Broaddale Plaza, as reported in Ms. Shirley Connuck’s Letter to the Editor in the same edition.

Ted Hochstadt

Falls Church


Most People Think Their Own Faith is the Best Faith


In the April 24-30 edition of the News-Press, columnist Wayne Besen complained vaguely about people he says assert that Christianity is superior to other faiths. But the only example of this alleged crime that he cites is an article by British Prime Minister David Cameron for the Anglican newspaper called Church Times. It is an odd example for Besen to to build his case on since there is not such thing as separation of church and state in England which still has the official Anglican church endorsed by the government and headed by Queen Elizabeth II.

So what does Besen expect Cameron to say? Should Cameron say, “Our official state church is no better than any other faith?” It is silly anti-logic and anti-common sense to argue that a true believer in any faith should not take the position that his or her faith is “better” than another faith. Of course Christians, Jews, Hindus, and Muslims mostly believe that their faith is superior for them than some other faith they do not believe in. What exactly is so terrible about that by itself? They would be hypocrites not to believe in the superiority of their faith to others. Besen seems to think that the only acceptable moral stance is to agree that all faiths including secularism and atheism are equal to all others.

Maybe they are for Besen, but in the real world most people do believe their own faith is the best one for them.

Mark Rhoads

Falls Church


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