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Letters to the Editor: Tow Truck Drivers Sit, Wait Near Broaddale Plaza


Letters to the Editor: April 17 – 23, 2014

 Tow Truck Drivers Sit, Wait Near Broaddale Plaza


A few weeks ago, my van was towed from the Broaddale Plaza when I had gone to get my hair done.

In addition to getting my hair done, I also needed to pop into the library to get a book. I had planned on getting my haircut before getting the library book, but then I thought that it would be better to get the book first because I might forget to get it once my hair was finished.

Low and behold, in the few minutes later when I walked out of the library, my van was gone. The tow truck was just sitting across the street waiting for a car driver to walk out of the plaza. Had he been in his business parking lot at the west side of town, he would not have had time to come to the plaza and tow my vehicle.

So, I paid $100 to have my van towed. $100 to check out a library book!

If the management corporation truly wanted people to not leave the premises without their vehicles, then they would put the sign in a better location warning people that their cars would be towed if they walk off. The warning sign is set back where many people do not see it. When a driver goes into a parking lot and usually makes an immediate right turn, they cannot keep their eyes where they are turning and read a sign off in a distance in another direction. I hope this problem will be addressed.

Shirley Connuck

Falls Church


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