Groundbreaking for Harris Teeter Project Draws Local Dignitaries

News-Press photo
News-Press photo

After many years of trying, the massive Harris Teeter project in the 300 block of West Broad enjoyed a groundbreaking ceremony in brisk sunny weather this morning that drew all the A-list dignitaries of the City of Falls Church. Mayor David Tarter and City Manager Wyatt Shields headed the list of big names from the Little City on hand, many of whom took place in the ceremonial “photo op” tossing the first shovels-full of soil, as well as many residential neighbors to the site, whose cooperation and input helped make the project both better and better received by the neighborhood..

From this day, it will be approximately two years before the same people can show up for their ceremonial first bagels or whatever from the 60,000-square foot mega-Harris Teeter, slated to be the biggest in the region. Overall, the project will be six stories high, contain 286 residential rental units, have another 3,000 feet of retail and three levels of underground parking.

Demolition of the storied Anthony’s Restaurant on the site will occur within the next two weeks, according to officials of Rushmark, the principal developer of the new project.