Letters to the Editor: March 6 – 12, 2014

 Save Burger King & Save The Little City’s Soul


Burger King is better for the City than an assisted living facility on Broad Street.


Even though it might not bring in the tax revenue an assisted living facility would, it would keep an eatery in the city, the likes of which have been continually pushed out like McDonald’s which was pushed out years ago to Fairfax County to make room for Rite Aid, the Original Pancake House, Anthony’s and likely more.

We used to have a drug store with a lunch counter where Kinkos now is. Granted times change but having small eateries in a city, particularly one that wants to expand commercial development and become a city of canyons (Washington and Broad streets with tall buildings and no room for left-hand-turn lanes), seems to be important with a larger and denser population. Besides Burger King is open late which is important for late-night folks and to create a thriving city.

If tax revenues from an assisted living facility were astronomically larger than from Burger King, it might make sense, but it will only be about double according to City officials I consulted and only in by hundreds of thousands, not millions of dollars. Kicking out Burger King to make the Council feel like it is being receptive and compassionate to all people by putting an assisted living facility in that location is penny wise and pound foolish to bring back a phrase from America’s founding fathers’ time.

Let’s start a drive to save Burger King and the Little City’s soul.

Steve Zullo

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