Letters to the Editor: January 30 – February 5, 2014

 Shocked at F.C. Road Conditions Last Weekend


I was shocked to see how bad the streets in Falls Church were on Saturday compared to those in Arlington where I live (we’re down to pavement on all the side streets and have been for a couple of days because they chemically treated the roads here). Pennsylvania, near Great Falls, was a solid sheet of apparently untreated ice. Going 10-15 mph, I had no control of my sliding car and was headed right for a totally oblivious man pushing a baby carriage in front of my car. Fortunately I was able to steer into a snow pile and didn’t hit him.

I called the police non-emergency number to report the need for sand or something in that area. The dispatcher called me back and said that Public Works is aware of this problem but had no personnel and would get to it on Monday. If someone was injured at that intersection, it will be the direct fault of F.C.’s governing officials.

I’m just glad that I live in Arlington and will now stay out of Falls Church until we get temperatures warm enough to melt that ice.

Barbara Green



Thanks to Crews for Clearing Roads & Not Covering Sidewalks


I’d like to thank the snow plow crews for clearing the roads and not covering our sidewalk after we cleared it. It was greatly appreciated.

Chris Norloff

Falls Church


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