2024-05-30 2:44 AM

Early Morning Rush Kicks Off Election Day in Falls Church

Photo: News-Press
Photo: News-Press

According to Gary LaPorta, who arrived at the Ward 1 polling place in the City of Falls Church at 5 a.m. today to help set up for the 6 a.m. opening of the polls, voting was very brisk in the earliest hours this morning, and by noon, over 800 people voted. Despite the length of the ballot, voters were moving through the polling place at the rate of two a minute.

Another volunteer at the Ward 1 polling site at the Thomas Jefferson Elementary School since the 6 a.m. opening was high school senior Sarah Rupert, handing out campaign fliers for her mom, Karen Oliver, one of the five candidates seeking four open seats on the Falls Church City Council. At midday, none of the actual candidates were present at this ward, with reporters most were at Ward 3 (the Community Center). However, there were assurances that all the candidates for City Council would be rotating among the City’s three polling locations.

Supporters of Council candidate Robert LaJeunesse, who took a no signage pledge earlier in the campaign, fashioned a handmade sign at the site to remind voters of his candidacy, though it was overwhelmed by a veritable poppy-field full of signs from local Council and statewide campaigns.

LaPorta’s job was to hand out informational materials about the water referendum on today’s ballot for City of Falls Church residents. Many of the voters who were coming through during the noon hour declined offers of sample ballots and other literature, suggesting they had already made up their mind.





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