W. Broad at Pennsylvania Ave. Traffic Signal Due for Installation by Next June

Falls Church City Manager Wyatt Shields reported to the Falls Church City Council Monday night that with a $450,000 contract with Fort Myer Construction approved tonight by the Council, work on the installation of the long-awaited traffic light at the corner of W. Broad and Pennsylvania Ave. will be completed by June 2014. A flare up over the traffic light at the Council’s last meeting earlier this month, when Mayor Nader Baroukh blamed developers for not providing funding for the light 10 years ago, when it came to light that the developers had and the City had simply failed to deploy the funds for the light, preceded tonight’s announcement.

Shields also announced that “Safe Routes to Schools” projects involving two alternative options for N. West Street and one for Roosevelt Ave. sidewalks will be open to public input at meetings on Nov. 16.