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LWVFC Forum to Address Influence of Big Money in Elections

The League of Women Voters of Falls Church will host a forum this month examining the potential for corruption in elections resulting from the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision recognizing corporations as people for the purpose of exercising rights under the Constitution and money as a protected form of speech. The moderated program will review what can and is being done to reverse the 2010 decision and is expected to generate discussion about the need for campaign finance reform.

Speaking at the program will be former state Sen. Mary Margaret Whipple; Sean Barnett with Northern Virginia Move to Amend, a national grassroots coalition committed to a democracy accountable to the people, not corporate interests; and Dick McCall, a former legislative aide and foreign affairs expert who is a Falls Church City resident. League of Women Voters of Falls Church member and City resident Robert Crowe will moderate the program.

The league is committed to reforming the nation’s campaign finance system as well as opposing the Citizens United v. Federal Election Committee decision and similar cases.

“The Corrupting Influence of Big Money in Elections: The Legacy of Citizens United v. FEC” will take place Sunday, Oct. 27, at 3 p.m. at the Falls Church Community Center, 223 Little Falls St. For more information, visit