Falls Church’s 1st Quarter Financial Report Shows Modest Growth in Revenues

The first quarter financial report for the City of Falls Church, covering the months of July, August and September, presented to a work session of the Falls Church City Council by Chief Financial Officer Richard LaCondre Monday night, showed growth, but unspectacular growth, in personal property tax, meals tax and sales tax receipts, a reversal of last year’s decline in the categories, but still reflective of only modest growth. Receipts from real property taxes were far too premature to be meaningfully calculated into the report.

Personal property tax revenues were up by 5.88 percent over last year and $262,782 ahead of projections, sales tax was 3.21 percent ahead of last year and $3,201 ahead of projections, and meals tax revenues were up 2.17 percent over last year and $13,717 ahead of projections.