Consultant’s Report on Library Options Calls for Razing Current Building

While formally presenting two options for upgrading the Mary Riley Styles Public Library in Falls Church, the consultants who presented their final report to the F.C. City Council tonight by inference indicated that of one of two plans it offered — to raze the present building and rebuild from scratch on the current site of the library, or to renovate and expand the existing structure — the plan to raze the building was preferable.

They pointed out that the 18,500 square foot facility, with its robust 250,000 users annually, is too small for its current needs, and would need to almost double to 33,000 square feet to meet its needs. The other issue they addressed was parking, with only seven spaces there now. They had no recommendations but said that 106 to 123 parking spaces to accommodate an expanded library would be needed.

The Council, upon heading the report, debated on an approach to exploring the construction of a municipal parking garage adjacent the site, and other destinations there that are woefully short of parking, and a conversation was begun about an approach to address that option.