Hillary Clinton Leads Spirited McAuliffe Rally at F.C.’s State Theatre

IMG_6439Former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton led a spirited rally of over 700 that filled Falls Church’s historic State Theatre to the rafters this afternoon in support of Virginia Democratic Gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe. The event was cast as a “Women for McAuliffe” rally and Clinton, McAuliffe and other speakers devoted extensive remarks to affirming equality for women and the right to make decisions about their own bodies, positions they claim that are in sharp contrast to McAuliffe’s GOP rival Ken Cuccinelli.

Clinton also spoke at length about McAuliffe’s personal strengths, being friends with the candidate for many years. “There isn’t a discriminatory bone in Terry McAuliffe’s body,” she said, talking about the sincerity of his convictions and the fact that he likes people. Both Clinton and McAuliffe spoke passionately about equal rights for all Virginians without exception, including women, racial and ethnic minorities and LGBT citizens. McAuliffe “is not one of those candidates who’s one thing in public and another in private. What you see with him is what you get,” Clinton said said.

Democratic Lieutenant Governor candidate Sen. Ralph Northam and Attorney General candidate Sen. Mark Herring were also present and made brief remarks. The only public officials announced representing the host City of Falls Church were State Sen. Dick Saslaw, whose district includes Falls Church, and F.C.Commissioner of the Revenue Tom Clinton.