2024-06-18 4:49 PM

Power Line Pole Hit Thursday Night, East End of F.C. Without Electricity

The entire far eastern end of Falls Church, including Oakwood Apartments, is without power after an out of control truck struck a major power line pole near Koon’s Ford, News-Press sources reported late Thursday night.  It was a hit and run, according to witnesses, as the truck was seen speeding away. The pole is on the west bound side of Rt 7 but the truck was headed east bound.

According to an eyewitness account by a News-Press staffer, “A very large tractor-trailer combo which had been heading from Seven Corners west into Falls Church elected to make a U-turn when it was in front of Koons Dodge. I thought it was making a left turn into 24 Hour Fitness, but I was wrong. It went up onto and over a curb with its front wheels as it continued its U-turn. And at about the same time (but further away and not where I was initially looking) the rear of the trailer apparently mounted the curb onto the sidewalk on the north side of Broad St.”

He added, “I did see it hit and take down a power pole. There was an immediate brilliant flash. The tractor-trailer straightened into the right-hand lane of Route 7, heading into Seven Corners. I briefly followed, but we were separated by a red light. There were several more bright electrical flashes behind me, and Koons went dark. But most of the traffic lights and street lights were on and working. I was able to gas up at the Mobil station just east of Seven Corners, but when I got to Shoppers Food Warehouse, further away, its entire section of the shopping center was dark, emergency lights on in the closed 24-hour store.”


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