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Letters to the Editor: September 26 – October 2, 2013

 Ironically Accurate ‘Death of Journalism’ Series


Nicholas Benton’s four part series on the Death of Journalism could not be more ironically accurate. Throughout the four part series he rehashed his favorite themes – the bias of Fox News, a media that supposedly failed to criticize George Bush, the evils of free speech that Citizens United assures (apparently only businesses that own media outlets should be entitled to free speech), and of course, complaints about a president who has been out of office for nearly five years now.

A much better example of a cowardly lapdog media can be better seen in the editorial columns that the FCNP publishes. In the last few months we’ve had news on the Obama administration’s involvement in scandals in the NSA, IRS, HHS, DOJ and more, while the number of editorials criticizing the current administration is somewhere around zero.

On one point I do agree with Mr. Benton is that journalism is dead, and every week the News-Press’ editorial pages serve as a reminder of that fact.

Jeff Walyus



Spelling Error On F.C. Speed Trap Sign in School Zone


My favorite speed trap in the City of Falls Church had an embarrassing spelling error blinking merrily away earlier this month.

Near the corner of Rt 7 and Haycock Rd, the sign is intended to remind drivers that it is a crime if they don’t stop for children in the crosswalk.

So don’t forget to “Yeild.”

That particular stretch of road has a School Zone light that blinks all day long, enabling the police to give tickets that collect a premium because it is a “school zone.” I’ve seen it on as late as 5 pm. No students in sight, however.

Someone has forgotten their “i before e.”

Bonnie Alvarez

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