Letters to the Editor: September 19 – 25, 2013

Dogs at F.C. Restaurant Patio Well Behaved


This is a follow-up to a letter about dogs no longer being allowed at Clare and Don’s Beach Shack.

Clare and Don’s has always been a much-appreciated haven where the many Falls Church residents who hate to leave their canine companions cooped up at home can meet with friends for a drink or a meal on the patio. The dogs I have encountered there have always been on their best behavior – indeed, better behaved than many humans who dine out. With so many other restaurants to choose from where dogs are not permitted, what kind of curmudgeon would complain about our presence at the Beach Shack and deprive us of our treasured summer outings? A pox on him: May he encounter screaming babies, whining children and bickering adults at every restaurant he chooses to patronize!

Louise A. Lerner

Falls Church


Ideas for Lasting, Key Improvements For The Little City


I am impressed and delighted that we – particularly Falls Church City Councilmember Phil Duncan – are futuring to assess which high value “capital improvements” could and should be accomplished with the increased net revenue we are anticipating.

According to Mayor Nader Baroukh, the net revenue could be $3 million or more per year. Right on – keep thinking outside the box and keep it to “capital improvements” invested in anticipation of our future needs.

My suggestions for lasting improvements for our “Little City” are: 1. Place all the city power and communications lines underground. Include in these tunnels high speed cable with transmission speeds on the order of about 274.176 Megabits/second to provide services for all residences and businesses. Just think of the lasting impact for each citizen and the reduction in power outages due to adverse weather; 2. Free Wi-Fi for the entire city; 3. Correct the deficiencies in the storm drainage system.

This should be enough for starters.

David Blanchard

Falls Church


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