2024-07-20 8:37 PM

Commission OKs Boundary Deal

BIG TURNOUT for Saturday’s forum on the November referendum on the sale of the F.C. water system. (Photo: News-Press)
BIG TURNOUT for Saturday’s forum on the November referendum on the sale of the F.C. water system. (Photo: News-Press)

The Virginia Commission on Local Government on Monday approved the proposed boundary adjustment between Fairfax County and the City of Falls Church that would convey 38.4 acres of county land into the City as part of a comprehensive deal to transfer ownership of the Falls Church water system to Fairfax.

The Commission, meeting in Richmond, approved the plan, largely because both parties involved favored it. It visited the City last spring, received a full briefing and held a public hearing, deferring its recommendation to this Monday’s meeting.

Its decision will now be referred to a three-judge panel of the Fairfax Circuit Court that will have the final word at the beginning of the new year, conditional upon City of Falls Church voters approving the whole deal in a public referendum on the ballot this November.

The first of what will be a number of public forums to flesh out the issues of the November referendum on the sale of the water system was held at the Community Center on Saturday, hosted by the Village Preservation and Improvement Society and the F.C. chapter of the League of Women Voters.

The main curiosity was the presence of Charles Murray, the general manager of the Fairfax County Water Authority, who for the last half-dozen years symbolized the Fairfax side of the adversarial, litigious relationship between Fairfax and the City of Falls Church. Murray confessed Saturday that he was a resident of the City the entire time.

Through mediation, the accord was reached between the two parties last November that resulted in an agreement for Falls Church to sell its system in exchange for some cash and the transfer into the City of 38.4 acres of Fairfax County real estate, about 11 being susceptible to economic development adjacent the West Falls Church Metro.





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