Around F.C.

New Recycling Opportunities Offered at F.C. City Hall

The community is invited to recycle bicycle inner tubes, bicycle tires, cell phones, and rechargeable batteries at Falls Church City Hall’s new recycling stations on the first floor of the West Wing.

Other cell phone and rechargeable battery drop-offs are located in the sheriff’s office, on the second floor of the West Wing, and the police department, on level G2 of the East Wing.

Accepted items include rechargeable batteries weighing less than 11 pounds (nickel cadmium, nickel metal hydride, lithium ion, nickel zinc, and small sealed lead acid types) and cell phones and their batteries, regardless of size, make, model, or age. Non-rechargeable or wet-cell batteries will not be accepted.

The above items and more can also be recycled at Falls Church’s twice-yearly Recycling Extravaganza, and the next of these events is set for Sept. 7.

For more information about recycling in the City of Falls Church, contact Allison Lohrenz, Solid Waste coordinator, at 703-248-5456 or visit