Letters to the Editor: July 25 – 31, 2013

Residents Look Forward To Coming Development


My husband, 32, and I, 29, moved to Falls Church City from Arlington’s Courthouse neighborhood in 2009 and have seen both our family and the city grow in that time. There are so many people who write in with endless complaints about the new developments coming to our city, but we are absolutely thrilled!

This new proposed development on the corner of N. West and W. Broad streets seems like another positive for our city. I’ve often driven past the empty and/or dilapidated storefronts next to the Sunoco and wondered when someone was finally going to do something about them! Projects like this, the Reserve at Tinner Hill, and the new Harris Teeter make our city more walkable and desirable to young families like mine and raise all of our housing values in the process. Yes, that means our schools get more crowded (my kids are too young to attend yet, but that’s all I ever seem to read about in News-Press); however, the revenue the city receives from these projects should more than compensate in order to keep our high standards of education intact.

I can’t wait to be able to walk one block to the new Fresh Market or a few more blocks to Harris Teeter, rather than drive to the Seven Corners Safeway. I am eager to be able to walk to more restaurants, unique shops (like the fabulous Stylish Patina), and yes, grocery stores, instead of passing by pointless eyesores such as the abandoned post office and Saab dealership.

I am proud of our city and the growing list of amenities coming our way!

Lauren Marley

Falls Church


Where Will All the Extra Traffic on W. Broad Street Go?


For all those in our city government who are excited about a big new development at the intersection of Broad and West streets, I have a simple question: Just where

do you expect to fit all the additional traffic that the project will generate? I would describe those roads as “at capacity” during most of the day, and I’m certain that in true City of Falls Church tradition, there will be no enhancements or improvements to those roads to accommodate that additional traffic.

Merrifield is a huge success largely because roadway infrastructure was recognized as vital to all the new development (granted, they had the space to do it). In contrast, Falls Church is well on its way to becoming an “avoid-at-all-costs” area for anyone who doesn’t have to commute through it, due to the choking traffic.

Donald Vafides

Falls Church


Hails FCNP’s Decision to Hire Helen Thomas


I would like to congratulate Nicholas Benton for taking on Helen Thomas after she had to resign from her other newspapers and the White House press group.

It shows your courage and determination for free speech – especially considering that Ms. Thomas was not criticising Jewish people, but the Israeli government and its unqualified supporters when speaking about the Palestinian issue that Israel continues to block at every stage over the past 40 years. She was a great woman in so many ways and a marvelous, intelligent journalist. She is one of the few that held her government to task when other journalists did not and still do not.

She will be greatly missed by everyone who continues to want frank reporting, frank opinions, and honesty in our governments and press.

P. O’Neill

Edmonton, Alberta


Proposes Additional Pre-School Year to Ensure Success


The recent move to all-day kindergarten in Fairfax County prompted me to write to encourage parents in our community to consider a pre-kindergarten program for children who might benefit from an additional year in preschool. If a child is not quite ready for the requirements of a very challenging all-day kindergarten program, then an additional year to develop further and strengthen needed skills might be advisable.

Heading off to kindergarten is a wonderfully exciting time. When your child is ready, schooling is a long, happy journey. If you are at all uncertain that your child is ready for kindergarten, to ensure success you should reflect on your child’s social, emotional, physical and intellectual development. For optimal success, all four areas of development should be progressing simultaneously.

It is not uncommon for a child to be very bright, yet not physically or socially or emotionally ready for the rigors of working all day in a large group. There are many advantages to enrolling your child in a pre-k program and spending an additional year in preschool. In my experience, parents agree that you never regret waiting a year, but you might regret pushing ahead with a child who would truly benefit from another year in a smaller setting with more individual attention and support.

If you are questioning your child’s readiness for kindergarten, our area offers many excellent choices for pre-k classes. Investigate the different programs available, ask questions, think about your child’s individual strengths and weaknesses, and consider giving your child the gift of time.

Anne Schwartz, M. Ed.

Director, Dolley Madison Preschool


Thanks Anonymous Person Returning Lost Cell Phone


I wanted to thank the individual who returned my son’s lost cell phone. My son’s phone fell out of his pocket when he was biking home from work. We searched the route he took, but were unable to find it. We sent a text to the phone with our address hoping that if someone found it, they would return it to us. We were lucky that someone did find and it and dropped it off at our home. I was not home at the time and was unable to personally thank him. So to the anonymous person who returned the phone, we would like to extend a huge thank you!

Jill Martin

Falls Church


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