F.C. Vice Mayor Hails Regional List of New Transportation Projects

Falls Church Vice Mayor David Snyder, the City’s representative on the Northern Virginia Transportation Authority, reported today that he is “pleased with the outcome” of the first round of projects approved last night by the body.

Here is Snyder’s complete statement:

“Last night the Northern Virginia Transportation Authority approved the first set of projects under the new transportation funding legislation and a bond validation suit to resolve any legal issues before monies are spent. As the City’s representative on that body and chair of the NVTA Legal working Group, I was pleased with the outcomes. First, Falls Church taxpayers will see direct benefits in terms of road and transit projects and we will not have a repetition of the school funding formula where our taxpayers support other systems and get little back. Second, the project list is consistent with law and because we know it will be challenged, we have provided for the quickest and most certain resolution of legal issues.”