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F.C. Police ‘Chooser Cruiser’ Aims to Curb Drunk Driving

During the City’s annual Memorial Day Parade and Festival, the Falls Church Police Department unveiled cruiser number .08, its newest resource for deterring drunk driving. The half taxicab/half police cruiser is the second in the area of a fleet of Chooser Cruisers designed to be a public service message and a reminder to those who have had too much to drink that they have a choice of the vehicle they’ll be in when their outing comes to a close.

The Falls Church Police’s allies in this community policing project are Red Top/Yellow Cab Company and Washington Regional Alcohol Program’s SoberRide.

The new Chooser Cruiser was created using a police car that was due for decommissioning; the car was repainted so that one end looks like a taxicab and the other looks like a police cruiser. The Sober Ride markings on the car will be interchangeable in English, Vietnamese, and Spanish. Following its debut, the cruiser will be on display at special events, including SoberRide’s designated free cab ride dates, and requested venues throughout the City on busy weekend nights.