Few F.C. Council, School Board Candidates

With the June 11 filing deadline less than two weeks away, the list of candidates to compete for four seats on the Falls Church City Council and five seats on the F.C. School Board remain thin, according to latest information available to the News-Press.

In fact, as of Monday, there were only four candidates circulating petitions for the four Council seats, including incumbent Vice Mayor David Snyder, Marybeth Connelly, former Councilman Dan Sze and Robert LaJeneusse. Incumbents Ira Kaylin and Ron Peppe were sighted by the FCNP at Monday’s Memorial Day Festival without petitions, both stating their minds had not been made up yet.

For School Board, present chair Susan Kearney, former Council member Lawrence Webb, incumbent John Lawrence and former Chamber of Commerce chair Michael Ankuma are currently circulating petitions. Falls Church Voter Registrar David Bjerke told the News-Press yesterday that petitions from Snyder and Sze had been submitted and certified. He said he doesn’t know who may be circulating petitions, since candidates pull them off the Virginia Board of Elections website.