Sze Issues Statement While Launching Bid for F.C. City Council Seat

In announcing his candidacy to seek election to the Falls Church City Council this year, former Councilman Dan Sze issued the following statement:

“I’m running for City of Falls Church Council in the November 2013 Elections. I am running because I am passionate about preserving, enhancing and celebrating what’s special about the City of Falls Church.

“I am convinced it is the people that make our City special. I want to be of service to all whom live here; those who have children in our top-notch schools and those folks like me who don’t have children in the schools but take pride in our school’s achievements. I want to make sure that if you want to stay in our City you can do so. This was the decision Elisabeth and I made after my retirement from full-time employment last year.

“My life’s work has been to ensure environmental stewardship while advancing development – both kinds of green can exist comfortably. I have worked over the past decade in clean energy technologies. I have also served the City of Falls Church as the Vice-Chair of our Economic Development Authority, City Council (2006-2010) and currently am on the Board of Zoning Appeals. In the coming months, let’s talk about how, together, we can: preserve and enhance our world-class school system; achieve environmentally-sustainable economic development; have fair and reasonable taxes; and celebrate our quality of life. I look forward to having this conversation with you between now and this November.”