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Longfellow Wins Va. Science Olympiad Title

The team from Longfellow Middle School captured first place in Division B in the 2013 Virginia Science Olympiad, held last weekend at Virginia Tech.

The Longfellow team is made up of students Will Baxley, Zuhayr Choudhury, Shannon Chu, Stephanie Do, Alex Fried, Eric Liu, Alvand Moini, Josh Mosier, Neeraj Prasad, Gerald Wu, Tim Wu, Sarah Zhou, Scott Becker, Nina Chung, Katherine Du, Alex Howe, John Krause-Steinrauf, Shreya Ramesh, and Laith Samamreh. Susan Boomer coaches the Longfellow team.

Members of the teams will represent Virginia at the national tournament in Dayton, Ohio, May 17-18.

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