Sexual Assault in F.C. on March 13; 1st Reported to Press Today

A sexual assault on East Broad Street was reported to City of Falls Church Police last Thursday but the information wasn’t released to the press until it was spotted by the News-Press in the weekly crime report released today.

According to the report, the suspect is still at large after a reported March 13 assault in a parking lot in the 100 block of East Broad. The suspect is described as a tall, medium build, black male cross-dresser. He was wearing black shorts, high heels, with a black handkercheif covering his mouth and a black wig with red and golden highlights.

When contacted by the News-Press about the delay in releasing the information, City Communications Director Susan Finarelli released the following statement: “The City of Falls Church Police Department received the report eight days after the incident. Officers are still in the process of corroborating the report, which is standard procedure. At this point the information listed in the Crime Report is preliminary. When and if more details are gathered, they will be released to the public and media.”