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F.C. Students Earn Fall 2012 JMU Academic Honors

Several students from Falls Church have been named to the dean’s list and president’s list for the fall 2012 semester at James Madison University.

Brittany Bailey, Kassim Rahawi, Jeffrey Ralph, Madeline Samayoa-Leiva, Katrina Snyder, Christopher Tran, and Jonah Williams were named to the president’s list.

Rachel Anderson, Marco Anshien, Paul Henninger, Xicheng Huang, Elyse Krachman, Bryan Kress, Charlotte Lathrop, Haley Leonard, Zachary Martini, Victoria Montano, Sarah Morgan, Danielle O’Brien, David Olson, Brian Payne, Laura Quintero, Amy Roberts, Lauren Sanata, Daniel Santos, Morgan Schaffner, Lily Slonim, Stefan Tekel, Emily Tilman, AprilThu Tran, Kelly Vingelis, and Erica Walborn earned dean’s list honors.