Wodiska Appointed to State Board of Education

Joan Wodiska, who in her third term as as an elected member of the Falls Church School Board including serving as its chair in 2010-11, has been appointed by Gov. Bob McDonnell to the Virginia State School Board, and as a result has submitted her resignation from the F.C. Board effective Wednesday.

Wodiska has the president of the Virginia School Boards Association, serving on its board since 2007, and is director of the Education, Early Childhood and Workforce Committee at the National Governor’s Association. In her resignation letter to the F.C. Board submitted Monday, she wrote, “I love our schools, our dedicated staff, our supportive community, our engaged parents, and our innovative, collaborative, push-the-envelope School Board. Most of all, I love and have dedicated myself to our students.” State Secretary of Education Laura Fournash had informed Wodiska on Jan. 4 that she could not serve both on the state board and the F.C. school board.