2024-07-24 11:52 AM

Restaurant Spotlight: Bronx Pizza and Subs


Bronx Pizza and Subs joined the many restaurants that populate Clarendon Boulevard this summer, and has since been serving pizzeria favorites with big nods to New York City just steps from the Clarendon Metro station.

The restaurant seems a playful ode to the pizza capital. Hanging meats and cheeses fill the pizzeria’s front windows. They’re plastic, one discovers when coming nearer, and just wink at the Italian deli tradition. Inside, the small dining room is covered in massive framed posters of New York City scenes and plaques depicting some of the city’s treasures, mostly favorite athletes.

The counter that wraps around the large steel pizza oven is lined with pizzas and similar fare. First, a couple of specialty pies with several toppings; then, rounding the corner, a few calzones concealing meats and cheeses within knotted dough; and then, most prominently displayed, are the classics – cheese and pepperoni-and-cheese pies, ready-made and cut into big, floppy slices. Sicilian pies join the mix as well, with tall, bready bases stacked with cheese and tomato sauce sliced into palm-sized squares.

Pizza by the slice ranges in price from $2.75 for a plain cheese slice to $3.25 for a piece from the specialty pies. Maybe it’s the pepperoni pie that will catch the eye. Maybe the sight of a meat-lover’s slice, packed with a salty, savory mix of pepperoni, sausage, and meatball slices, will set the mouth watering. Whatever the selection, the slice hops into the pizza oven for a quick reheat and a trip to the table that puts only a few minutes between ordering and eating.

But diners aren’t limited to those pre-baked pizzas before them. Specialty pies can be ordered in 16- and 20-inch sizes at between $14.95 and $21.95. Six in all (the seventh being a make-your-own option), the selections take their names from lesser-known landmarks – The Whitestone Bridge Pizza of ham and broccoli over alfredo sauce, and the Pelham Bay Park BBQ Chicken Pizza are some examples.

Beyond pizzas, a handful of fried appetizers and a few pasta options make the menu, as does a list of a dozen hoagies and subs. Among hot subs is the Jerome Ave Meatballs Sub ($7.95) of homemade meatballs and a dusting of mozzarella cheese slathered in herby tomato sauce, all on a 10-inch Italian roll. The cold hoagies selections include a bevy of beloved Italian deli meats dealt onto a hoagie roll. For the indecisive (and the very hungry), the Tony Soprano Over Stuffed ($9.95) packs capicola, mortadella, prosciuttini, ham, pepperoni, and salami, into a fairly hefty sandwich, with still enough room for some slices of provolone cheese and a bit of lettuce, tomato, and onion to bring it all together.

If there’s one thing that New York City and the D.C. area have in common, it’s that fast urban pace of life. Bronx Pizza and Subs serves familiar fare in these big-bite sandwiches and pizza by the slice, done at a cost and speed that will satisfy big city appetites conveniently.

Bronx Pizza and Subs is located at 3100 Clarendon Blvd., Arlington. For more information, call 703-812-0833 or visit bronxpizzaandsubs.com. Restaurant hours are Sunday – Tuesday: 11 a.m. – midnight and Wednesday – Saturday: 11 a.m. – 3 a.m.





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