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Mason High Club to Host Fundraiser for Used Bike Donations to Sudan

By Rebecca Moot

The George Mason High School bike club is hosting a fundraiser this Saturday to send bikes to Sudan.

The club has only been around for two years, and already its 20 committed members are aiming to do what they can to help others in areas less fortunate along with promoting alternative transportation.

The club has partnered with Wheels to Africa, an award-winning non-profit that sends bikes to help the people of Africa.

“We are thankful for the opportunity to work with Wheels to Africa and are really excited for the upcoming event,” Vincent Le said. Le and Callum Bartlett are the leaders of the student organization.

The club will be collecting used bikes at Mason High Saturday, which they will prepare for shipping to Sudan.

“Sending bikes can provide people with an efficient and environmentally friendly way of transportation that will benefit their lives,” Bartlett said.