Dr. Jones Examines Closed F.C. Schools, Community Center Open

As over 8 million in the Northeastern U.S. are without power in the wake of Hurricane Sandy, there are 100,400 Virginia Dominion Power customers still out as of this hour, and while the Falls Church City government and schools are closed, the Community Center is open for general public activities.

Fairfax’s Dranesville District Supervisor John Foust reported that the impact of Sandy in this region has apparently not been as severe as the “derecho” storm last May, but power remains out at F.C.’s Mt. Daniel School and F.C. School Superintendent Dr. Toni Jones conducted an examination of the City’s school buildings this morning, reporting that they all appear to be in good shape. No decision has yet been made on the resumption of classes. Dominion Power officials announced that there may be brief new outages around the area as part of its process of service restoration.

Ireland’s Four Provinces restaurant reports that it is open for business, even as other nearby locations, such as Starbucks, were without power at this hour.

Metro rail and bus service is due to resume at 2 p.m. today (customer service being available by noon), and Amtrak will announce its plans for resuming service this afternoon. Arriving commercial airline flights into the DC area will begin by tonight. The Kennedy Center opens at noon, and all its scheduled performances tonight will take place.