Letters to the Editor: October 11 – 17, 2012

Thrilled That Levine School May Come Here


Like many residents in the City of Falls Church, my family was thrilled to learn about the potential addition of the Levine School of Music to our community. A long established arts leader in the greater DC region, this preeminent center for music education would further enhance the economic base, and existing vibrant artistic community in Falls Church.

My knowledge about, and respect for, the Levine School is based on personal experience. My children have taken part in Levine’s summer programs for the past seven years. The remarkable faculty and staff offer high quality musical education and performances, that are absolutely exceptional. By exposing students and audiences of all ages to a wide diversity of music Levine sparks creative interests in the arts that hopefully last a life time.

My enthusiasm about the potential addition of Levine to the City of Falls Church extends beyond the fact that it might become more geographically convenient. The Levine School offers economic and cultural opportunities that will positively affect ALL of Falls Church’s residents, businesses and the local arts community at large. As reported in last week’s FCNP Guest Commentary, it is our city’s vibrant culture that attracted Levine to Falls Church in the first place. One case in point, my children have also immensely enjoyed summer programs at Falls Church’s Creative Cauldron. We fully intend to support both of these tremendous arts organizations moving forward, just as we have done in the past.

Much like the renowned reputation of the Falls Church City schools, Levine has become a destination facility for music students of all ages and backgrounds. Its established clients throughout Northern Virginia would surely travel the short distance into our little city to continue their music education. While here, they would have the opportunity to sample Falls Church businesses and restaurants, without necessarily burdening other city resources.

The tremendous economic and cultural benefits of the Levine School of Music will be extremely impactful to the future of Falls Church. I look forward to the hopeful day that Levine may call Falls Church “home,” just as I proudly do.

Linda Bloss-Baum

Falls Church


Will Falls Church Ever Sell 7 Acres in Fairfax?


While the potential sale of the property at or near 300 W Broad Street is interesting – $4.322 million – the City of Falls Church is derelict in addressing a seven-acre plot acquired from Fairfax County several decades ago for a water storage project – no longer needed.

This property, to the east of Powhatan street and north of Ormand, across from a retirement home, is perhaps worth something in the neighborhood of $10 million for real estate development. At the moment it is totally neglected, and an eyesore to the neighborhood.

Wouldn’t Falls Church benefit from an additional $10 million or so, a windfall?

Justin Whiton

Falls Church 


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