2024-06-14 11:03 AM

Bike Doc Repairs 1,000+ Bikes for Needy Families

bikeCharles Jones, known as the Bike Doctor for his charitable efforts to find, repair, and donate bicycles to families in need, is pictured at far left at a Homestretch reception held in his honor. He is pictured with Norman Gindlesperger at far right and some recipients of his bikes. (Courtesy Photo)Charles Jones has refurbished 1,021 bicycles over the last six years, donating the bikes to a number of organizations that assist families in need in Northern Virginia. Jones, known as the Bike Doctor, started Bikes for Tykes (now formally names Bikes for Tykes, Teens and Adults in Need) in 2006, when he was 76. He set about the charitable task by finding a class on bicycle repair and support for materials. He also invested $1,500 of his own money for tools and converted his shed to a workshop for the repairs. Bikes came by way of public safety groups that collect lost and abandoned bikes.

Now 82 and more than 1,000 bike repairs in, Jones was honored by Homestretch, a non-profit organization that serves homeless families, for his efforts. Homestretch held an appreciation luncheon for Jones and his team recently to thank them for the 169 bikes he has provided to children in the Homestretch program.





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