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Jody’s Jam of the Week: Capital Fringe Festival

This is your last chance to check out the Capital Fringe Festival, the twice-a-year event jam-packed with all sorts of original performing art shows ranging from theater to musical acts, puppetry, dance and a whole lot more. The festival wraps up this weekend with over 170 performances showing from Thursday through Sunday.

There’s shows like “Planet Egg” featuring tiny puppets made of vegetables and stereo parts in a tale of crash-landings, cultural misunderstandings, murder, romance, forgiveness and revenge. Or maybe you’d enjoy “Apocalypse Picnic,” a sketch comedy about a post-apocalyptic world dealing with a new culture of denial (including cameos from Jesus and Superman). But if the above is too out there, you can always opt for a much more conventional show: “Burlesque + Belly Laughs.”

What: Capital Fringe Festival
When: Thursday, July 26 – Sunday, July 29
Where: Mutliple venues in Washington, D.C.
See for complete schedule and more information