Oakton Otters Dive Meet Results: July 3

The Oakton Otters dive team dominated the boards at their second home meet of the season Tuesday evening, defeating Tuckahoe 41.5 to 26.5.

The Otters placed in nearly every category and swept the top three places in both Junior Girls (first, Mackenzie Brennan; second, Kenna Campfield; third, Kyla Straker) and Intermediate Boys (first, James Crowley; second, Gil Osofsky; third, Grant Newberry).

The Otters also took first place in three other categories: Junior Boys (Brad Burgeson), Senior Girls (A.J. Colbert), and Senior Boys (Daniel Nugent).

Other Otter divers that placed were: Haley Liddell (third, Freshman Girls), Elana Colbert (second, Intermediate Girls), Julia Powell (third, Intermediate Girls), and Everi Osofsky (third, Senior Girls).

The Otters next meet will be next Tuesday at Wakefield.


Freshman Girls:

1.Katherine Quatrini (T) 61.30

2. Sarah Raimon (T) 55.30

3. Haley Liddell (O) 50.20

Freshman Boys:

1. Alex Glassman (T) 81.25

2. Kier Strom (T) 70.95

3. Joey Bymon (T) 65.45

Junior Girls:

1. MacKenzie Brennan (O) 98.85

2. Kenna Campfield (O) 96.90

3. Kyla Straker (O) 87.90 (tied)

4. Sam Peters (T) 87.90 (tied)

Junior Boys:

1. Brad Burgeson (O) 109.65

2. Liam Klopfenstein (O) 92.90

3. Chris Dorr (T) 81.35

Intermediate Girls:

1. Delaney Gallagher (T) 171.25

2. Elana Colbert (O) 139.15

3. Julia Powell (O) 125.40

Intermediate Boys:

1. James Crowley (O) 108.65

2. Gil Osofsky (O) 100.05

3. Grant Newberry (O) 97.10

Senior Girls:

1. AJ Colbert (O) 217.20

2. Claire Lewis (T) 190.80

3. Everi Osofsky (O) 157.60

Senior Boys:

1. Daniel Nugent (O) 159.85