Betty Coll Elected First Ever National Convention Delegate from Falls Church

Falls Church Democratic Committee chair Betty Coll became the first-ever Falls Church resident to be elected a delegate to a national political convention yesterday when she was one of eight chosen at the Democratic Party’s 8th District Convention to that position. Coll, one of four Falls Church delegates to the 8th District convention held in Springfield, was elected by the 185 total delegates in attendance. She will become a voting delegate for President Obama at the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina, in September.

Another longtime Falls Church resident earned acclaim at the convention, when former F.C. Democratic Committee chair Edna Frady was chosen to be the 8th District’s official elector for Obama. She will have the opportunity to cast the vote for Obama, if he wins Virginia in November, at the Electoral College in December.

Other Falls Church citizens present as delegates at yesterday’s convention were Wanda Howard, Tom Devlin and Nick Benton.