Letters to the Editor: April 12 – 18, 2012

League of Women Voters Sets City Council Forum



In response to last week’s letter from Mark Rhoads of the Falls Church City Republican Committee, the League of Women Voters of Falls Church consistently champions the ultimate power of the voter.

As we did for the Council election in May 2010, the League will again sponsor a Council candidates’ forum with the Village Preservation and Improvement Society (VPIS) in Council Chambers at 7:30 p.m. on Wednesday, April 18, a plan we have had in place for months with a date set for several weeks. We invite the entire community to attend and are pleased to announce that the forum will be broadcast live by FCCTV and rebroadcast by the television station prior to the election on May 1. We have also published a nonpartisan voters’ guide, which can be found on our website, lwvfallschurch.org, and will be widely distributed in print through distribution with the Falls Church News-Press later this month.

We sponsor the candidate forum with VPIS because neither of our organizations endorses specific candidates. The present League Board affirmed this longstanding position at our regularly scheduled meeting on April 3 and so declined the FCCRC’s invitation to co-sponsor its event. In a political world increasingly polarized by vehement partisanship, the League is more relevant than ever as a source of objective and reliable information about issues and candidates.

Ellen Salsbury, President

League of Women Voters


Urges Taking ‘Em Out to the GMHS Ball Game


If you want a real Field of Dreams, throwback baseball or softball viewing experience, by all means, pay the $4 to come watch Mason High School varsity and JV play. Eager athletes try their best and the competition is usually very good, but what will really attract the type of fan who wished it was 1898 and not 2012 is the fact our fields of dreams have no sign of being in the 21st century, or 20th century for that matter.

Even though this may sound “whiny” to the people who run Mason sports, it is my honest opinion that it would be very cool and modern to have operational scoreboards at either field, you know, to know the score of a game. I mean, we don’t want to get crazy and talk about having lights and night games, but how about a scoreboard? But if you really love pre-Teddy Roosevelt-era sports, you will love the lack of a scoreboard, the lack of a PA system, the aforementioned no lights, and if you really like spartan conditions, try finding a restroom in the same zip code as the softball field. It’s always pleasant to have elderly visitors come to watch grandkids play and then miss half the game because there is no bathroom within walking distance.

We live in a rich part of the world, but when those crazy country folks from Madison County and elsewhere laugh at our crappy facilities, well, it is not a dream.

Patrick Connole

Falls Church


Agrees With Proposal for Revenue Sharing


I agree with Councilman Lawrence Webb’s comments in the News-Press on April 5 regarding negotiating a revenue sharing agreement between the city and the schools. They do need to “actively engage in this topic rather talking about it every year.”

It seems that every year the schools submit a budget and the Council is expected to fund it, leaving the rest of City services to work with the left-overs. While it can be argued that our schools are our most important asset, they cannot be regarded in a vacuum.

Revenue sharing would allow schools to have a clearer idea of the amount revenue to expect, while making sure the city side of the budget is treated fairly as well. I am a strong supporter of our schools and want to see them continue to thrive. But we also need to recognize that both the city and the schools need to live within their means. Revenue sharing is the best way to make that happen.

I look forward to seeing Councilman Webb push the city and school staff to move forward on this important issue.

Paul B. Cannon

Falls Church


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