Fairfax Water Seeks Merger With Falls Church System

Falls Church City Manager Wyatt Shields confirmed to the News-Press this week that “interest has been expressed from entities we expected to hear from” concerning the City’s published “Request for Expression of Interest” in the future of its water system.

One such expression came yesterday from the Fairfax Water Authority, urging an “appropriate agreement” between the Fairfax and Falls Church systems. The  six-page proposal argues such a deal would lower water costs, provide critical backup capabilities, save money for the City’s capital improvements plan, and allow a seat for Falls Church on the Fairfax Water board. “The benefits for merging our two systems would be extraordinary,” the letter, signed by general manager Charles Murray, and delivered to all members of the F.C. City Council yesterday, indicated. The deadline for responses from all interested parties is this Friday, and Shields said he will hold off on formally announcing the results until he briefs the F.C. City Council at its work session Monday night.