Letters to the Editor: January 26 – February 1, 2012

Issue May Be Not About Water, But Kool Aid


I am constantly amazed at how and why this newspaper’s editorial page has become an unabashed apologist for a City and its water utility that has knowingly pilfered millions of dollars (over $50 million) from its water customers located outside its City limits.

The City had engaged in this illegal practice for many years (and I believe the City attorneys and councils knew that it was illegal because it did not take a rocket scientist to read the code and determine that it was ), and it took a Circuit Court judge ruling (since upheld by the Virginia Supreme Court) to keep the City from continuing to engage in this practice. I read your one-sided blindly City apologetic editorials and think that you the Editor have “drank the Falls Church Kool-Aid”.

Why shouldn’t Fairfax County citizens and elected officials be outraged over this behavior? And after several requests by Fairfax for the City to cooperate in two Consumer Protection studies were blown off by the City (was this not an attempt to communicate?), why shouldn’t Fairfax County citizens and Board be collectively outraged?

As to the lame argument that this “power grab” hurts “competition”, let me ask this question, how much competition did we have before? Answer: NONE.

One other observation, after all the illegal pilfering by the City, why shouldn’t Fairfax County citizens and Board embrace a system (Fairfax Water) with the lowest rates along the East Coast of U.S., and the highest water quality in the region?

Oh I guess the “Kool Aid” blinds the senses.

Dave Cambell

Via the Internet


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