Report: Arts Magnet for Economic Growth

A report by the Falls Church League of Women Voters (LWV) presented to the F.C. City Council Monday night, entitled, “Arts and Culture in the City of Falls Church,” cited the benefits, ranging from cognitive to social and economic development ones, to the City of a thriving commitment to the arts.

The 16-page report, presented by LWV chair Ellen Salsbury, hailed local developments, including the Council’s formation of a local humanities council, known as CATCH (City of Arts, Theatre, Cultures and History). Salsbury said recommendations include increased City contributions to cultural events, tax incentives and encouragement in the development process of public art. Arts and culture in Virginia is a billion dollar industry that provides 19,000 full and part time jobs. Joe Wetzel, Barry Buschow, Barbara Cram, Nicki Henderson and Marty Meserve also spoke in favor of the report. Meserve cited numbers indicating a substantial increase in use of the ArtSpace by Creative Cauldron, Falls Church Arts and other entities.