Dem Assails Victory Fund Nod to GOP Hopeful

The chair of the LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender) Caucus of the Virginia Democratic Party issued a statement today lashing out at the Washington, D.C.-based Victory Fund LGBT advocacy group for its endorsement and on-going support of a gay Republican state senate candidate in Northern Virginia.

About the Victory Fund’s endorsement of GOP challenger Patrick Forrest over Democratic incumbent Sen. Janet Howell in the 32nd Senate District race, the Falls Church area’s Terry Mansberger stated, “We are very disappointed that the Victory Fund would choose to support a ‘so-called out’ gay Republican over Democratic State Senator Janet Howell based solely on his sexual orientation, ignoring what is best for LGBT families in Virginia.”

He added, “I am offended that the Victory Fund would also use this race, and some of their candidate’s baseless smear tactics against Sen. Howell, in a widespread fundraising letter. It is one thing to blindly endorse any gay candidate anywhere for office, it is quite another to spread lies about a strong ally of the LGBT community in hopes of making a few bucks for a D.C.-based political action committee.”