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Letters to the Editor: October 13 – 19, 2011

Long History of Guns for Sale in Little Falls Church


The fears expressed in last week’s Letters to the Editor assume that guns are not readily available, and, indeed, already present in our “Little City”. The fact is, it was not too long ago when Brown’s Hardware carried guns and ammo. Another gun shop existed next to the Fairfax Deli on Lee Hwy. These guns did not disappear, and those looking for guns today would have no problem procuring one at a local gun show like the one held at the Dulles Expo Center just last weekend.

To purchase a gun, one must pass a background check for which they need to provide proof of identity – something that would dissuade most potential criminals looking for an easy way to acquire a gun.

Having been raised in Falls Church, with its excellent schools, and well educated, civic-minded population, I can think of no better place in the country to open a gun shop. Remember that also inside the beltway lies Washington, D.C., with one of the highest rates of gun crime rates in the country. There is hardly a dearth of illegal guns in the area. Providing the upstanding (and, in many respects, outstanding) citizens of Falls Church with the ability to legally and responsibly purchase firearms within the city limits is hardly a detriment to public safety or cause for fear.

Brian DeCelle

Falls Church


How Could Anyone Complain About a New F.C. Business?


As one of your readers and business managers here in Falls Church I just have to say that any new business opening or trying to better themselves in this pitiful economy must be congratulated! This includes the gun shop NOVA Firearms which is owned by police officers and and an FBI agent.

How and why someone would complain about this is beyond me.

Job creation and small business is the only thing that will jump start our economy and we all know it needs a jump start in the worst way.

Thank you NOVA Firearms and the men who serve us and put their lives on the line everyday to keep it our Little City. You have my support.

Karl Hoffman

Falls Church


It’s Not One Store That’s Issue of Va. Gun Laws


Good for you, printing a page of exactly the sort of letter I wish I’d written, excoriating you and Helen Thomas for your mutual drumbeat of distorted one-sided criticism of Israel. Reading her column, I always wonder whether and how she’ll drag in Israel as the bad actor in whatever she’s pretending to address. And nice humorous touch, “Editor” responding to two letters by “strongly disagreeing” with writers’ points. You might have given readers credit for assuming that you’d strongly disagree, but no.

On another Letters issue, whoever wrote the headline, “Citizen Concern for Opening of New Gun Store” doesn’t seem to have actually read the letter it introduces, since the store won’t be new, it will simply relocate from its apparent long-time location, two entire blocks away. I’m no fan of Virgina’s current gun laws, but people upset about a gun store moving two blocks might reconsider what bothers them. And given general availability of guns in Virginia, it’s not like this store — at either location — is a key factor. Anyone concerned about firearms availability needs to look beyond their cherished “Little City” to the larger statewide context where it’s established in law.

Gabriel Goldberg

Falls Church


Thomas Writings on Zionism Called ‘Hateful, Inaccurate’


Since 1975, I have been a resident of the Falls Church area and have found your newspaper a useful pipeline to understanding our community and the events and issues important to our neighborhoods. However, your recent strong defense of Helen Thomas causes me and my family to question your paper’s agenda in promoting such tainted coverage of issues.

Helen Thomas’ writings on Zionism are hateful and inaccurate. Her bias blinds her to the truth on related developments . She tries to belittle the idea of a Jewish state in any way she can even with misinformation. Her spurious description of Herzl as a ” Pole who decided that the Jews needed their own country” deserves correction. Theo. Herzl was born in Budapest (not Poland) and was a journalist for a Vienna newspaper when he began writing his Zionist ideas. The notion of rebuilding the Jewish community in the Holy Land had been around for hundreds of years before Herzl.

The News-Press can help readers understand complex topics with more professional coverage. You do your readers and advertisers a disservice by publishing Helen Thomas’ hateful interpretations of events. Please stop printing Helen’s lectures on Zionism. As editors , you should be more respectful of facts presented in your pages.

Paul Hyman

Falls Church


F.C. Chamber Chief Hails City Veteran’s Council


I had the great fortune of attending the Greater Falls Church Veterans Council’s picnic in Cherry Hill Park on Sunday.

It was my honor to receive the “Veterans’ Best Friend Award” for my support of their efforts as director of the Falls Church Chamber of Commerce. I found this quite ironic since the people who most deserve to be acknowledged for doing their jobs are members of the military. They are heroes and they deserve to be honored every day.

The most impressive and inspirational honors of the day went to Tony Scerbo and Harry Shovlin. Tony Scerbo, a World War II Veteran and member of the American Legion Post 130, was recognized with the “Lifetime Achievement Award” in part because of his successful efforts to have the American Legion Bridge named after the national veterans organization. Harry Shovlin, who many know from his years as a FC City teacher, received the Veteran of the Year Award for his service to the community and for serving as the Master of Ceremonies at the annual Veterans Day and Memorial Day Remembrances.

It was a lovely event – one I wouldn’t ordinarily have attended…but one I am so glad I did. Not because of my award, but because of the chance to meet and spend time with our local heroes – it was a fun, educational and inspirational event. I encourage everyone to attend Veterans events, such as the upcoming Veterans Day Remembrance, whenever they can. I also recommend joining as an Associate Member – it is a simple way to say thank you to Veterans in our community – they have done and continue to do so much for us, we really need to do more for them. I don’t know that I really am the “best” friend of our Veterans but I can assure you, I am a friend for life!

Sally Cole

Executive Director

Falls Church Chamber of Commerce


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