F.C.’s Webb Lashes Out at Fairfax Water Report

The report released Tuesday by the Fairfax County Consumer Protection Commission, claiming that the Falls Church City Council’s vote last week to raise water rates was unjustified, has led to a swift reply from F.C. Council member Lawrence Webb, released by F.C.’s Public Information Office Wednesday. Webb, who is also a member of the F.C. Public Utilities Commission, stated, “The commission’s report appears to be a political document, and that’s disappointing. We had hoped that Fairfax County would move away from this litigious, confrontational approach after its water refund cases were summarily dismissed in Fairfax County Circuit Court last month.”

He asked, “Where is the commission’s research into water rates ofother water systems in Fairfax County, all of which have raised water rates in recent years? Where is the commission’s research into Fairfax County’s own sewer rates, which have gone up 80 percent since 2005, a rate of growth 20 times higher than Falls Church’s water rates?” Webb added, “This report raises questions about the commission’s independence. A professional and objective consumer commission should not be involved in raw politics. The City of Falls Church water rates are below average for the region, and we will continue to operate a first class water system at a low cost for our customers.”