Commission Wants Fairfax Takeover of F.C. Water

The Fairfax County Consumer Protection Commission (CPC) issued a 68-page report Tuesday that concludes the county should effectively take control of the City of Falls Church’s water system. The CPC study, commissioned by the Fairfax County Board last spring, recommends that the county should “exercise its authority under Section 15.2-2111 of the Virginia Code and (1) fix rates and charges for water service so that no Fairfax County customer of the City’s water system will be charged rates and charges that exceed those of Fairfax Water, and (2) establish Fairfax Water as the exclusive water service provider for all new development and redevelopment in Fairfax County, unless Fairfax Water determines that it is unable to furnish water service to a given location.”

The report, noting that the City’s water system currently serves over 90,000 customers in Fairfax County, challenged the need for Falls Church’s most recent water rate increase, finalized by the F.C. City Council last week to go into effect Oct. 1.