Letters to the Editor: August 25 – 31, 2011

JV’s in F.C. Should Have Scored a ‘Best Of’ Nod


My letter concerns the Best Of Falls Church article in the August 18 FCNP issue, specifically related to the best live music venues in Falls Church.

I’ve been a patron of JV’s Restaurant at 6666 Arlington Blvd. for many years and am flabbergasted that Lorraine Campbell’s live music jewel was not even mentioned as an also ran, when in fact it is a serious contender for, and even deserving of “The Best” title. In business since 1947 when opened by her father and mother, Lorraine and crew have for decades been serving up the most consistant top drawer band entertainment that I can think of in in the area. Seven nights a week and two afternoon shows, with only two of them having a very modest cover charge, patrons can enjoy some of the best musical talent in the metro area, with some of these bands even having performed internationally. Additionally there are open mic nights that allow musical hopefuls as well as seasoned performers to play in a very informal atmosphere, quite often accompanied by supportive family and friends in the audience.

Add to all this good food and drink as well as friendly loyal patrons in a very patriotic atmosphere and one finds a winning combination. I don’t wish to take anything away from the article’s recognition of the other mentioned businesses and The State Theater, they all have much to offer, but I just couldn’t let JV’s Restaurant pass unmentioned in your otherwise fine presentation. Your readers need to know of and support such a deserving group of musicians and the wonderful venue, JV’s, that allows them to present us such high quality musical entertainment night after night.

Neil Hopper

Via the Internet

(Ed. replies — The Best of Falls Church competition was based on voting from our readers in surveys available online and in the printed version of the News-Press. The Live Music winner, and four other finalists, were the top vote-getters in the “Best Of” contest.)

Did Stamos Really Welcome Ebert’s Backing?


Theo Stamos’s campaign literature and website announce that she is endorsed by Paul Ebert, Commonwealth’s Attorney of Prince William County.

Last month, Ebert’s conduct of the trial of Justin Wolfe was characterized by U.S. District Court Judge Raymond A. Jackson as “not only unconstitutional in regards to due process, but abhorrent to the judicial process.” Ebert’s office used testimony that was “replete with hearsay and speculation,” Jackson wrote, “had prior knowledge of falsities in [their star witness’s] testimony,” and failed to disclose evidence to the defense as they were required to do. The Washington Post called Jackson’s opinion “a deserved rebuke” of Ebert, and called on the Virginia State Bar to determine whether Ebert should face disciplinary action.

Does Ms. Stamos really welcome Ebert’s endorsement? If so, why? Does he exemplify the kind of prosecutor she tries to be?

John F McDiarmid

Falls Church

New $100 Fee for Street Parties Puts Big Crimp in Tradition


The City of Falls Church has just announced that it will charge $100 to allow a neighborhood to close off a street for part of a day for a block party. I understand the city’s need to recoup costs of services, but I would argue that this charge is excessive when the service provided is merely the delivery and pick-up of stanchions that allow us to physically block our street to traffic.

More importantly, this will put a huge crimp in the traditions of my own Fairfax Street and many other neighborhoods throughout the city which foster community spirit through annual block parties. Most of these are run on a shoestring budget – or no budget at all. Paying an upfront cost of $100 to the city will make us all think twice about such community events. Has the City government thought this through?

Donald Camp

Falls Church

Urges Civility & Respect in Political Discourse


Nicholas Benton’s latest column, “The Tea Party Goal: Deflation,” contains errors.

Texas Governor Rick Perry did not call Fed Chairman Bernanke treasonous, he said it was “almost treasonous” for the Fed to print more money, which could warrant “ugly” treatment of Bernanke. No reasonable person condones that kind of language, but at least report it accurately.

Unfortunately, for those of us who try to promote civility and respect, your recent columns have been very caustic in attacking fellow Americans and seemingly anyone who disagrees with you and economist Paul Krugman. Most of Mr. Krugman’s policy views on growing the economy are dubious and do not reflect what should be a private-sector focus in getting us out of the recession. Even President Obama said it is the private sector that creates jobs.

James Callan


Rabid Tirade Vs. Obama Should Have Been Flushed


As an initial matter, let me make it clear, I am neither a supporter of President Obama nor a liberal. But I must protest Paul Flusche’s rabid and factually unhinged tirade against the President and liberals in the August 18-24 News-Press.

There is much one might criticize about the President’s leadership style, strategy, and policies. But Mr. Flusche’s comparison of President Obama to totalitarians and his likening of his liberal supporters to Nazi “brown shirts” is reckless and historically inaccurate.

In his haste to tar Obama with the brush of totalitarianism, Mr. Flusche sprints past essential features of fascist and communist “totalitarianism.” Although political and military opponents, fascism and communism shared contempt for liberalism, participatory democracy, and parliamentary government. Not surprisingly, when the Bolsheviks, Italian Fascists, and Nazis took power, they dissolved representative bodies and outlawed opposing political parties. In stark contrast, Obama embraces liberalism, has done nothing to hamstring or dissolve Congress, and has not outlawed the Republican and Tea Parties.

Even more ludicrous is Mr. Flusche’s reference to “Obama and his fellow brown shirts.” The “Brown Shirts” or Sturmabteilung (SA) were a paramilitary appendage of the Nazi party. During the rise of Hitler, the SA widely applied extra-legal violence against liberals, trade unionists, social democrats, socialists and communists. There isn’t a scintilla of evidence to support the notion that President Obama has deployed paramilitary “cadres” applying extra-legal violence to quash his political opponents. None.

Still more absurd is Mr. Flusche’s likening of the Obama administration to a “totalitarian” regime. Unlike Hitler and Stalin, President Obama hasn’t imprisoned any of his opponents. Unlike Hitler, President Obama hasn’t killed six million people on the basis of anti-Semitic racial hatred (Flusche contends elsewhere that Obama hates whites). To liken Obama to Hitler and Stalin trivializes their butchery and besmirches the memories of their millions of victims.

Mr. Flusche’s factually baseless comparisons of Obama to totalitarians, and liberals to Brown Shirts, presses the very limits of the FCNP’s submission policy. Making such silly comparisons isn’t even bad political analysis – it is a thinly veiled act of hatred.

Rather than printing such hate speech, the FCNP should have “flusched” it.

Glenn Stephens, Ph.D.

Falls Church

Asks Columnist to Comment on Syrian Situation


Now that your Middle East expert Helen Thomas has exposed the unholy alliance of the radical right, Rupert Murdoch, and the ever perfidious Israelis (“Murdoch’s Undoing” FCNP, Aug 11-17) perhaps she could devote her next column to the situation in Syria. While some believe that Syrian President Assad is at fault in his “inappropriate” handling of protestors including the shelling of a Palestinian refugee camp, the Syrian government says its all an Israeli plot. Please enlighten your readers Ms. Thomas as to the real story.  Is this just an attempt by the nefarious Israelis to subvert our relations with Syria and its supporters Iran, Hezbollah, and Hamas. I’m sure that your even handed and bias free reporting on this issue will be welcomed by your readers.

Larry Gold

Falls Church


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