Letters to the Editor: August 4 – 10, 2011

Wonders if Limbaugh Fan Behind Letter to Editor


In response to a writer’s letter in the July 21-27 edition about the “Four Horsewomen,” ha ha ha! Conservatives stupid! We liberals smart!

All kidding aside, Paul M. Levy’s letter last week was so ridiculous that I almost wonder if it wasn’t sent by a Rush Limbaugh fan wanting to make liberals and your paper look like idiots. I really hope that letter’s publishing was only because so many people are out of town and you had nothing else to put in that space.

The next time you’re that hard up for a letter feel free to send me a request and I’ll send you a short burn on whatever topic you need.

Jeff Walyus



Why Complain About Better Service, Reliability?


The News-Press’ July 21-27 editorial, “F.C. Must Keep Its Water System,” was right on target!

Falls Church has always delivered a quality product, a dependable flow of water and superior customer service, why complain about that?

This is all about the politics of control; Fairfax doesn’t want anyone in their sandbox, even if that someone is doing their people more good than the County ever has.

Mike Smith

Falls Church




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