F.C. Woman Provides ‘Minions’ for Hire With New Business

When having a bad day or faced with a series of seemingly impossible tasks to accomplish, what person hasn’t wished they had a team of minions they could call upon to swoop in and take care of everything for them? Now this long sought after dream has become an accessible reality thanks to Your Minions, a recently developed business by “Minion herder” Sue Nixson. The objective of Your Minions is to lend a helping hand to any person who seeks assistance with accomplishing any task, or those struggling to complete to do lists amidst busy schedules.

Your Minions provides as a service the opportunity to assign and outsource tasks to either one assistant or, depending on the size of the project, a team of assistants, to help the customer complete any task necessary.

The concept of Your Minions was born just shy of a year ago, when in these difficult economic times, Nixson was laid off from her role as vice president of creative services at the National Association of Broadcasters and was forced to reconsider her career path, Nixson explained.

Nixson believes that Your Minions LLC is an extension of her desire to help people while providing a variety of reliable services.

“I really like helping people overall. The only difference is now the services I offer are different. In my former job, I got a lot of satisfaction by helping people through marketing and graphic design, and I think this is just an extension of that,” said Nixson.

Nixson’s go-getter attitude and desire to help others, solve problems quickly, and get the job done translates into the services she offers through Your Minions.
“I like solving problems and I don’t shy away from them. I kind of embrace that philosophy of ‘give me a problem and try to let me solve it for you.’ Your Minions works the same way,” said Nixson.

Nixson states that the appeal of the business is that these assistants, or minions, can complete any service or task the customer asks for.

“I pair my customers with particular people I know to get the job done,” said Nixson. “Anything that the customer wants is what we offer.”

Some examples of the services that Your Minions offers range from personal shopping and child care, to home repair and deliveries. Your Minions is not limited to these services, however, says Nixson.

According to Nixson, is difficult to get the word out about what her company is capable of.

Nixson said, “The hardest part is getting across the services we offer to people – that we can do everything, even if it’s specific. It’s anything you can think of.”
Nixson states that not only can Your Minions complete any task necessary – within the law, of course – but that using her services can give a customer time back in their day that normally would have been consumed by performing the task.

Each client has a specially tailored experience with a project rate beginning at $10 and an hourly rate beginning at $20. Your Minions even offers pre-set package deals that, once paid for, can be used at any time for any chore or errand.

Nixson believes that while Your Minions may not be a service that a lot of people would think of using initially, that it can be useful to a wide range of people. She added that the assistants will execute projects in a timely manner with creativity and professionalism.

“You can put your complete trust in us,” said Nixson. “We treat every task as a serious part of our business. Your pet or your kid is just as important to us as they are to you.”

Nixson points out that not only can customers call on Your Minions to get a job done in a short period of time, but that it is a service readily at their disposal.

Nixson said, “The good thing is that we are a temporary service and we are there when you need us. The fact of the matter is most people aren’t going to need a minion every week or every four weeks, but when you do need us, we are always available.”

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