Michael Gardner’s Attorney to FCNP: ‘Categorical Denial’

In an exclusive interview with the News-Press late this afternoon, the attorney representing Falls Church City citizen-activist Michael Gardner against charges of child sexual abuse said that his client “has categorically denied any criminal behavior and would never knowingly harm any child.”

Attorney Brian O’Connor said that Gardner pleaded not guilty to all charges at his arraignment before being granted bail yesterday. Further, he said that Gardner’s wife, Falls Church City Council member and former Mayor Robin Gardner “is very supportive of Mike.”

Mike Gardner, he said, “is someone who has never had a whiff of scandal” around him, and “has an excellent reputation in the community for his character.” O’Connor said that he is eager to look into the actual facts of the case as they become available to him early next week.

“We will deal with the facts as they unfold,” he said. There is no indication, he said, that the court’s request for a DNA sample from Gardner had anything to do with a suggestion of actual sexual contact.

He said that Gardner remains in the area determined to fight this case.

Said O’Connor, “I am going to help this man.”