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F.C. Police Rescue Duck Family Wandering CVS Parking Lot

A mother takes her children to the CVS on Broad Street on a Friday afternoon. It seems like an everyday story from a Falls Church summer. In the case of this Friday, however, the tale is made much more interesting by the fact that this family was of the feathered variety.

A group of onlookers witnessed a mother duck and her ducklings crossing the CVS parking lot and, fearing for the lives of the birds, put in several calls for help. While many of those requests to local agencies went unanswered, a call to the Falls Church Police Department resulted in a duck rescue mission.

Be it crawling under cars or darting across the parking lot, three officers from the local police department – Cpl. Frank Hicks, Officer Markus Bristol and Officer Jiwan Chhetri – were able to apprehend the fluffy fugitives with the help of concerned bystanders.

Will Edwards, a local man who helped gather the ducklings, praised the officers and onlookers for taking the time and effort to ensure the ducks’ welfare.

The ducks were loaded into a box provided by CVS and driven to Crossman Park, where officers watched the ducks return to water and swim down Four Mile Run Creek.