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Letters to the Editor: June 2 – 8, 2011

F.C. Decision Not to Refund ‘Is Shortsighted’


Falls Church City has shown that they truly represent a little city, in size and in mind. Their decision to buck the judge’s decision and not pay Fairfax County residents using the Falls Church water system is so shortsighted that it’s laughable.

The amount will grow, the City will lose more court suits that will cost more money, and when a true choice of picking between Fairfax County water and Falls Church water, Fairfax County residents will overwhelmingly pick Fairfax County’s product.

The City Manager should pay the bill that is now due Fairfax County residents. It will grow larger and larger and lawsuits will increase. Those residents who have been courteous to this point and merely requested refunds will now join class action lawsuits and hire more expensive attorneys whose cost will be charged against the City.

Falls Church City citizens should be wondering what kind of city council they elected. When the judge signs the next order, each of them likely will be ex-city council members who built a legacy of indebtedness for their neighbors.

Robert Mansker

President, Greenway Downs Citizens Associations



Not Refunding for Water Cost ‘Is Fascinating’



Regarding the epic water battle covered in the May 26 News-Press: “In what blew up into a hotly-contested legal dispute …Falls Church sued …”. Closely followed by Vice Mayor Snyder’s plaintive, “I much prefer dialog to litigation.”


I’m sure he does, after Falls Church lost in litigation it initiated and faces logical consequences of having been told that the City couldn’t retain revenues it received. So the City’s position that it needn’t refund charges ruled illicit is fascinating. To me, and likely a host of expensive lawyers.

Gabriel Goldberg

Falls Church



Blames Obama for ‘Wasteful Public Spending’



Disinformation by Representative Gerry Connolly last week’s Guest Commentary covers up the fact that President Obama in two years in office and the Democrat Congress added 3.4 trillion of wasteful big government spending to the national debt, destroying Medicare as we know it, so that a Socialist health care plan would be imposed against the will of the American people on them. The Democrats stole $500 billion from senior citizens on Medicare for a socialist central Obama care plan which bankrupts our country. The national debt is $16.3 trillion now and Congressman Paul Ryan has proposed the only good plan to save Medicare so far which Connolly misrepresents with false information.

While destroying Medicare, to put central communist health care in effect, President Obama recently ordered a $1 trillion cut from the U.S. military budget over several years, while Russia, China, Iran and Venezuela, are increasing their military capabilities. Russia is slowly taking over power in Georgia and Ukraine, along with other parts of Europe. China’s rapid and comprehensive expansion of naval power is threatening Taiwan. Iran is conducting large scale proxy operations in Afghanistan, Iraq, Egypt, Lebanon, Venezuela and other parts of the world. It is subverting and directing Arab Spring uprisings against our allies, isolating Israel and working to install nuclear missiles in Venezuela.

In response, Obama is now downsizing our Army and Marine Corps, after adding trillions in two years to the national debt, stealing billions away from seniors on Medicare, printing billions of worthless money and devaluating the U.S. dollar.

Our big government overspending on: (1) private sector take overs, (2) socialist health care, (3) foreign oil, (4) unwanted wasteful school and welfare social programs, and (5) red tape rules and regulations to obstruct, private sector small and corporate business, have brought a national debt crisis with high costs of gasoline and food, with the need for deep cuts to many Americans’ lively hood.

The danger to our national security and the lives of our troops increases every day while Obama and Democrats in Congress pursue globalist, socialist and anti-American policies which are bankrupting our country and destroying our freedom of enterprise and survival.

Dominik George Nargele



Says Morrison Not in Arlington Until Late ‘60s



I am writing to set the record straight concerning some rather spurious claims about Doors lead singer Jim Morrison’s alleged Arlington connections in Charlie Clark’s “Our Man in Arlington” column of May 12.

Mark Opsasnick published a book in 2006 entitled “The Lizard King Was Here: The Life and Times of Jim Morrison in Alexandria, Virginia.” Opsasnick thoroughly and exhaustively researched the Morrison family’s moves over the years.

There is no record of the Morrison family living in Arlington until the late 1960’s. At that point in time, Jim Morrision had long since stopped visiting his parents’ home. According to Opsasnick’s book, Jim Morrision had last seen his parents sometime in late 1964 when he was a senior at UCLA. I believe the family was living near the Coronado Naval Base om California at that time. Captain Steve Morrison had commanded the aircraft carrier Bonhomme Richard during the Gulf of Tonkin crisis in August 1964.

It is irresponsible to rely on hearsay evidence to create of myth of Jim Morrison sightings in Arlington.

Gregory G. Paspatis

Falls Church




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