GMHS Teacher Back in Classroom Today After 6-Week Suspension

Popular George Mason High School special education instructor Jamie Lahy was back in the classroom today for the first time in six weeks. Lahy had been put on temporary suspension and told to clean out his desk on Feb. 14 for allegedly violating school rules, leading to a major outpouring of student and parent objections.

Falls Church City School officials were adamant in response to inquiries from the News-Press today that no staff members at any level would be commenting publicly about the matter. However, the News-Press did learn that Lahy visited with School Superintendent Dr. Lois Berlin in Berlin’s offices on Friday.

Lahy’s alleged violation had to do with providing advance information to a student on the subject of an assembly, which the student shared on his Facebook page. Other teachers had also shared that information with students, as well, it was later learned. On Tuesday, Feb. 15, a contingent of over two dozen students and parents came out to a meeting of the Falls Church School Board to urge the reinstatement of Lahy, attesting to his caring and tireless efforts to help and mentor students with special needs.

According to the school system’s code of conduct, Lahy had the option of appealing the decision to suspend him pending a termination of his employment.